Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back To The Drawing Board...

I had a lot of fun painting this portrait of Mike Stoops (Head Football Coach at the University of Arizona.) This portrait was to accompany an interview with Mike Stoops for an article running in the fall issue of BizTucson magazine. Unfortunately, the interview with Mike was cancelled, and consequently, my portrait will not be published; In BizTucson anyway...

I hate it when that happens.

Sure, I can post it on my blog, facebook, and web page — but not just not the same. There's some real credibility gained when an entity such as a publisher invests a little ink and some precious magazine real estate in a piece of art. it's, the official stamp of approval. It says, "We liked this guy's art so much, we actually paid for it." Don't worry, I did get paid for this piece, I just didn't get all the accolades; the emails, the phone calls, the pats on the back that usually come from being seen in print — or TV for that matter. Oh well, waddya gonna do — it happens.

I once had a whole book linger in publishing limbo for a little over 2 years before the publisher finally decided "not to publish." Now, I admit, if it had been my first book, I'd have been a little more than slightly dissapointed. But it wasn't. And I got over it... eventually.

I'm working on a very promising book at the moment, but I can't talk about it right now... So, instead, I'll show you another piece from "Esperanza Means Hope."

The Plot Thickens...

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