Monday, November 29, 2010

A little new work & a lot of snow...

I painted 3 new portraits. Here is how one of them turned out.

Detail of
the face.

I painted this holiday scene for the Duluth Trading Co. back in August.

I like to think that I'm especially equipped to handle snow scenes because of all the time I spent shoveling it as a kid back in my Chicago days. Believe it or not, I have very fond memories of shoveling snow. There's nothing like shoveling a sidewalk or a driveway late at night, especially if it's still snowing, which, of course, played a major role in supplying the inspiration for this piece. It's nice to know that all of that labor finally came in handy for me. I wonder if that would work with my kids. Well, one can only hope. The next time I have them do something around the house, I'll just say that I'm supplying them with inspiration for future use. Yeah, that's it—inspiration for future use.

Well as long as I'm on the subject of snow... Here's a piece I did back in 2001 for my book "Clear Moon, Snow Soon."

Here's one more...

And one from "Papa's Gift"...

And one from "Junk Man's Daughter"...

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